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Oh my.
January 21st, 2009 [youtube:] [via workman] Filed under , politics | Comments (2) It’s a new morning in America… fresh, vital.
October 28th.

2008 [via jwz] Filed under

politics | Comments (2) Barack Obama in Las Vegas.
September 14th.

2008 From the campaign email: Please join us Wednesday

September 17th, for a rally with Barack Obama in Las Vegas: Change We Need Rally with Barack Obama The Baseball Stadium at Cashman Center 850 Las Vegas Blvd.
North Wednesday, September 17th Doors Open: 2:30 p.m.
Program Begins: 5:00 p.m.
The event is free and open to the public; tickets are not required but an RSVP is encouraged.
Space is available on a first come, first served basis.
Please RSVP using the form to the right.
For security reasons, do not bring bags and please limit personal items.
No signs or banners permitted.

You can RSVP on the official site

Also, the first of four debates (three presidential , one VP), takes place September 26th.
Those are gonna be fun.
Filed under , politics | Comment (1) Music appreciation day.
May 25th.

2008 Burma Emergency

a short film by creative agency Shilo.
Thank you, Tri-Crescendo, for really introducing me to Chopin.
Also, if you happen to catch this post on Sunday, .

Violinist Paul Dateh is hosting a live performance with Ken Belcher tonight

Show starts at 5pm PST / 8pm EST

Filed under movies, , politics | Comment (1) Texas caucus.
March 5th, 2008 “Apparently, a democracy is a place where numerous elections are held at great cost without issues and with interchangeable candidates.” Hah, looks like things went just as smoothly for Texas Democrats.
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Fully Leveraging Business One for a More Connected Business

Posted on September 27, 2017.
This article was written by our Guest Blogger, Michael Foster, Chief Product Officer of Third Wave Business Systems What’s being said about technology .
There seems be two conversation s happening today about the use of technology in small/mid-size companies.
The first conversation encompasses the ongoing assessment and planning of technology investments that a company engages in. Continue reading Filed under: , The Agenda is Ready, the Speakers are Set – Now, it’s your Turn to Join the Event!.
Posted on July 28, 2017.
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Who is an SAP Business One Subject Matter Expert and Community Evangelist

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More and more SAP Business One users are now thinking about attending the upcoming Biz

ONE Conference in Anaheim, California.
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Peer Learning: The Biggest Value in any User Conference (and Biz

ONE is Stacked with Sessions).
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Who is an SAP Business One Expert and ERP Cloud Evangelist

They say that experience is the best teacher and when it comes to Information Technology and complex solutions like Enterprise Resource Planning.

There is no truer statement. Continue reading Filed under: ,

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