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Oh my.
January 21st, 2009 [youtube:] [via workman] Filed under , politics | Comments (2) It’s a new morning in America… fresh, vital.
October 28th.

2008 [via jwz] Filed under

politics | Comments (2) Barack Obama in Las Vegas.
September 14th.

2008 From the campaign email: Please join us Wednesday

September 17th, for a rally with Barack Obama in Las Vegas: Change We Need Rally with Barack Obama The Baseball Stadium at Cashman Center 850 Las Vegas Blvd.
North Wednesday, September 17th Doors Open: 2:30 p.m.
Program Begins: 5:00 p.m.
The event is free and open to the public; tickets are not required but an RSVP is encouraged.
Space is available on a first come, first served basis.
Please RSVP using the form to the right.
For security reasons, do not bring bags and please limit personal items.
No signs or banners permitted.

You can RSVP on the official site

Also, the first of four debates (three presidential , one VP), takes place September 26th.
Those are gonna be fun.
Filed under , politics | Comment (1) Music appreciation day.
May 25th.

2008 Burma Emergency

a short film by creative agency Shilo.
Thank you, Tri-Crescendo, for really introducing me to Chopin.
Also, if you happen to catch this post on Sunday, .

Violinist Paul Dateh is hosting a live performance with Ken Belcher tonight

Show starts at 5pm PST / 8pm EST

Filed under movies, , politics | Comment (1) Texas caucus.
March 5th, 2008 “Apparently, a democracy is a place where numerous elections are held at great cost without issues and with interchangeable candidates.” Hah, looks like things went just as smoothly for Texas Democrats.
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6 PSVR Titles Sales Discount in Japan

“The Walking Dead Onslaught” New Trailer & Info Emerged.
September 9, 2020September 9.

2020 Comment(0) New video for The Walking Dead Onslaught has emerged today

providing us a new look at this upcoming VR zombie killer game.
Developed by Survios.

This new game will be set in the TV version of The Walking Dead franchise

which means you can expect familiar characters, weapons, places and others from the TV show (unlike The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, another VR The Walking Dead game that is based on the comic version).

The video above confirms appearance from Rick

Michonne, Darryl and Carol.
In this title, you will be embarking on various scavenging missions to gather resources to fortify and grow your safe zone.
You can use the resources to upgrade buildings, which provide various benefit such as increased ammo resources when collecting ammo boxes in the field.
The game also contain the armory, where you can upgrade your weapons (and the video suggest that there will be a LOT of weapons, such as a chopper, katana, axe, hammer, pistol, crossbow, assault rifle and more).
Of course, most of these weapons will not be available right from the start.
You will have to do the work of scavenging them on missions.

The video also reveal that Rick and Darryl will have some sort of a conflict

and the plot will be set between season 8 and 9 of the TV show.
The game is available for pre-order now.

Which gives you various extras such as exclusive skin for Sheriff Rick and Hunter Daryl

and weapon skin like Gold Knuckle Knife and Gold Katana.

The Deluxe Edition of the game include even more weapons

soundtrack, digital art book and an in-game crafting starter kit.
It will be launching on Steam, Oculus Rift Store and PSVR.
6 PSVR Titles Sales Discount in Japan.
January 24, 2017 Sony has just announced that 6 Playstation VR titles will be getting sales discount in Japan.
The sales period will last from January 26th to February 1st.
Here are the details of the sales. バウンド:王国の欠片 2,000円 50% 1,000円 PlayStation®VR WORLDS 4,900円 10% 4,410円 RIGS Machine Combat League 6,900円 40% 4,140円 Until Dawn: Rush of […] VR Action Title “Syon Bolt” Announced for Oculus Rift.
December 25, 2018December 25, 2018 A new VR title “Syon Bolt” has been announced for the Oculus Rift, according to developer/publisher Red Crack Studios LLC.

Syon Bolt is a horror/sci-fi VR

single player title.
In this game, the Soldiers of Ymir program has aimed to create the most powerful military force in the galaxy, but no contact with the Ymir […] “Firewall Zero Hour” Incoming Patch 1.03 Details.
September 26, 2018 First person tactical multiplayer VR ‘Firewall Zero Hour‘ from First Contact Entertainment, will see a patch real soon.
Details for patch 1.03 has been revealed, .

Showing the area where the PSVR game will be improved

According to announcement, it will help improves squad matchmaking and should result in lower waiting times overall.
Feature improvements to […] “Sword Reverie” Launching Kickstarter with Oculus Quest/PSVR Stretch Goals Leave a Reply Cancel reply.
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VMworld Europe 2015 – Day 1 & 2 summary

VMworld Europe 2015 – Day 1 & 2 summary.
VMworld Europe 2015 – Day 1 & 2 summary.
VMworld Europe 2015 – Day 1 & 2 summary.
October 14, 2015 1 Comment The day 1 of the VMworld Europe began with the usual general session in the morning down at the hall 7.0.
It was continuing the VMworld US theme of “Ready for any” during the European event too. It has become a standard for VMware to announce new products (or repeat announce new products following VMworld US) during this which, by now are somewhat public knowledge and this was no different this year.
Also of special note was that they played a recorded video message from their new boss, Michael Dell (im sure everyone’s aware of the Dell’s acquisition of EMC on Monday) where he assured that VMware would remain as a publicly listed company and is a key part of the Dell-EMC enterprise.
To summarise the key message from the general session, VMware are planning to deliver 3 main messages One Cloud – Seamless integration facilitated by VMware products between your private cloud / on-premise and various public clouds such as  AWS, Azure, Google…etc.
Things like long distance VMotion, provided by vSphere 6,  .

Stretched L2 connectivity provided by NSX will make this a possibility

Any Application – VMware will build their SDDC product set to support containerisation of traditional (legacy client-server type) apps as well as new Cloud Native Apps going forward.
Some work is already underway with the introduction of vSphere Integrated containers which I’d encourage you to have a look as well as VMware Photon platform.
Any Device – Facilitate connectivity to any cloud / any application from Any end user device.

Additional things announced also included vRealize Automation version 7.0 (urrently BETA

looks totally cool), VMware vCloud NFV platform availability for the Telco companies…etc.
Also worth mentioning that 2 large customers, Nova Media and Telefornica had their CEO’s on stage to explain how they managed to gain agility and market edge through the use to VMware’s SDDC technologies such as vSphere, NSX, vRealize Automation…etc.
which was really good to see.
There were few other speakers at the general session such as Bill Fathers (about Cloud services – mainly vCloud Air) which I’m not going to mention in detail but sufficient to say that VMware’s overall product positioning and the corporate message to customers sound very catchy I think….and is very relevant to what’s going on out there too… During the rest of the day 1, I attended a number of breakout sessions.
1st of which was the Converged Blueprints session presented by Kal De who was the VP or VMware R&D.
This was based on the new vRealize Automation (version 7.0) and needless to say this was of total interest to me.
So much so, straight after the event I managed to get in on the BETA programme for vRA 7.0 straight away (may be closed to public though now).

Given below were some highlights from the session FYI An improved

more integrated blueprint canvass where blueprints can be build through a drag and drop approach.
Makes it a whole lot easier to build blueprints now.

Additional NSX integration to provide out of the box workflows….etc

Announcement of converged blueprints including IaaS, .

XaaS and Application services all in one blueprints…

Various other improvements & features….
Some potential (non committal of course) roadmap information also shared such as potential future ability to provision single Blueprint for multi-platform and multi-clouds.

Blueprints to support container based Cloud Native Apps

Aligning vRA as a code with industry standards such as OASIS TOSCA, Open source HEAT…etc.
Afterwards, I had some time to spare, so I went to the Solutions Exchange and had a browse around at as many vendor stands as possible.
Most of the key vendors were there with their usual tech, EMC (or Dell now??) and the VCE stands being the loudest (no surprise there then??).
However I want to mention the following 2 new, .

VMware partner start-ups I came across that really caught my attention

These were both new to me and I really liked what both of them had to offer.
RuneCast: This is a newly formed Czech start-up and basically what they do is hoover in all VMware KB articles with configuration best practises and bug fix instructions and assessing your vSphere environment components against these information to warn you of the configuration drift from the recommended state.
Almost like a best practise analyser….
Best part is the cost is fairly cheap at $25 per CPU per month (list price which usually get heavily discounted)… Really simple, but a good idea made more appealing due to the low cost.
Check it out…!!.
Velvica: These guys provide a billing and management platform to cloud service providers (especially small to medium scale cloud service providers) so they don’t have to build such capabilities ground up on their own.
If you are a CSP, all that is required is for you to have VMware vCloud Director instance and you can simply point Velvica portal at the vCD to present a service serviceable public Cloud portal to customers.
Can also be used within an organisation internally if you have a private cloud.
Again, I hadn’t come across this before and I thought their offering helps many small CSP’s to get to market quicker while providing a good platform for corporate & enterprise customers to introduce utility computing internally without much initial delay or cost.
During the rest of the Day 1, I attended few more breakout sessions such as the vCenter 6.0 HA deepdive.
While this was not as good a session as I had expected, I did learn few little things such as prior to vSphere 6 u1, vCenter database NOT being officially supported on SQL AAG (Always on Availability Groups), Platform Service Controller being clusterable without a load balancer (require manual failover tasks of course) as well as a tech preview of the native HA capability going to be available for vCenter (no need for vCenter heartbeat or any 3rd party products anymore) that looked pretty cool.
On day 2, there was another general session on the morning where VMware discussed the strategy and new announcement on EYUC, security & SDN…etc.
with various BU leaders on stage.
VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger also came on stage to discuss future direction of the organization (though I suspect most of this may be influenced by Dell if they remain a part of Dell??).
Following on from the general session on day 2, I attended a breakout session about NSX Micro Segmentation automation deep dive which was presented by 2 VMware Professional Services team members from US.
This was really cool as they showed a live demo of how to create custom vRO workflows to perform NSX operations and how they can be used to automate NSX operations.
While they didn’t mention this, it should be noted that these workflows can naturally be accessed from vRealize Automation where performing routine IT tasks can now be made available through a pre-configured service blueprint that users (IT staff themselves) can consume via the vRA self serviceable portal.
While I had few other breakout sessions booked for afterwards, unfortunately I was not able to attend these due to a last minute meeting I had to attend onsite at VMworld, with a customer to discuss a specific requirement they have.
I will be spending the rest of the afternoon looking at more vendor stands at Solutions Exchange until the VMware official party begins where im planning to catch up with few clients as well as some good friends… Will provide an update if I come across any other interesting vendors from the Solutions Exchange in tomorrow’s summary , , VMworld 2015, vRA ESXi best pactise analyser, RuneCast, vCenter BPA, Velvica, VMWorld Day 1, VMworld Day 2, Vmworld RuneCast, VMworld Velvica, vRA 7, vRA 7 integration with NSX, vRealize Automation 7, vSphere best practise Analyser, vSphere BPA Chan.
Technologist, lucky enough to be working for a very technical company.
Views are my own and not those of my employer..
More Posts Twitter LinkedIn Post navigation.
Previous Article ← VMworld Europe 2015 – Partner Day (PEX) Next Article VMware VSAN – Why VSAN (for vSphere).

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Any Device & Any App strategy – An update from VMworld 2018 Europe | Chan”s Blog

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Larry Jacoby is a business broker in the Northeast


Posted on 09/02/2019 by Every business broker at some time faces the same dilemma: Do you encourage a client to walk away from a deal.
Since almost every broker is in a “eat what you kill” commission-based job, telling your client that they should not go through with it takes enormous risk.
And a strong stomach.
Larry Jacoby is a business broker in the Northeast.
He has been a broker for over a decade.
And he has killed (or watched die) more deals than he has closed, he says.
“There comes a point – and it’s usually with the buyer rather than the seller – where you say, ‘This is wrong.
This is bad.
Don’t do it.’ It might be because you realize the business is not worth what your client is paying.
It might be because the business is not even a real business, which you figure out during due diligence.
Whatever the reason, let’s just say, mentally eliminating a four- or five-figure commission from your future earnings does not help your sleep patterns.” Larry says that he does the right thing not just because he wants to be honest (“That whole sleep thing I was talking about before”).
He also does it because he believes in creating long-term relationships with clients that will pay off in the future.
“This guy might not buy the warehouse we were working on for three months, but he wants to buy a warehouse business.
I’ll find him one.
it’ll just take time.
And in the meantime, he’ll refer me to friends and colleagues as a literal ‘honest Broker’ who will not put my interest in front of theirs.” Sellers’ Brokers Kill Deals Too It is not just buyers whom brokers encourage to terminate deals.

Josh Factor says he knows of many business owners whose brokers tell them to walk away

“In my experience, it’s usually when the buyer starts asking for more and more,” explains the owner of Vertica CRM, a company that specialized in building software platform for business Brokers and M&A professionals.
“You have a deal, and suddenly the buyer wants a lower price and/or a longer-term of payments and/or more training time.
If it gets to be that the owner is being taken advantage of, I know that the best brokers will tell them, “Enough.” Josh thinks that brokers who tell their clients to not do a deal are those “in it for the long-haul; they want to make it their careers.” He says they are mature and sincere individuals whose consciences will not allow them to move forward on a closing that is unjust.

When Larry reads what Josh has said

he agrees.
“Look, I’m a broker.
That’s what I do.
It’s my sole source of income and it’s my profession.
I simply will not allow a client to make a mistake that can ruin theirs and their family’s lives.
Buying or selling a business is a huge milestone.
I’m the guy they call when they want to sell the business they bought five years ago.
I wouldn’t be that guy if I had been thinking short-term – and selfishly.” Walking away or actively killing a deal can be difficult—especially if you have worked incredibly hard to prospect, cultivate a relationship, or have put in a ton of time.
Understanding the warning signs and knowing which red flags to look for can help you cut down on wasted energies and focus your efforts in the right direction.  By focusing on your personal long-term goals, you will be highly successful in the long run.
You can call it Karma, but if your true focus is on your clients benefit, they will see that very clearly and your going to win in the end.
Joshua Factor is the founder of Vertica CRM. A software company dedicated to helping Business Brokers and M&A professionals work more efficiently through technology. For more information about their main product, Business Brokers CRM, visit  or call   +1 212 381 4994 in the USA or +61 385 184 759 in Australia.
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katsuya 9 mins ago Kienai Kizuna Hatsune Miku

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katsuya 9 mins ago Kienai Kizuna Hatsune Miku.
Mapper: katsuya This is my 7th work.
This is my third wallmap.
As with the previous two works, it is “Kienai Kizuna”, a song by Kienai P.
The meaning of the song title is “Indelible bonds” This will be the last piece in a private, “Kienai series” trilogy.
I am glad if you compare it with the previous two works.
have fun.
Music What Other Beaters Say.
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Kienai Utagoe.

2 months ago 520 views Kienai Kioku

June 19, .

2020 Boom Boom Dollar

April 24, .

2020 Raidou Kuzunoha Theme 2008

April 7, .

2020 528 views Fiend Battle Majin Sen

February 9, .

2020 882 views Raidou Battle (Kuzunoha Raidou vs

The Souless Army).
December 30, .

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Camellia – We Could Get More Machinegun Psystyle -timmy

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3 hours ago Camellia – We Could Get More Machinegun Psystyle -timmy

Mapper: Ex++++ What Other Beaters Say.
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January 5, .

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zombieb 3 mins ago Get Distracted LOL

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zombieb 3 mins ago Get Distracted LOL.
Mapper: zombieb get distracted lol Preview: What Other Beaters Say.
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Cultural Heritage – Film Scanning Tools

The trusted leader in gear protection.
Lowepro specialized backpacks, cases and camera bags have been an essential part of countless adventures through every climate and condition over the last 50 years.
Our evolutionary designs elevate the way you carry, protect and organize your gear.
Name Email Comment or Message Comment Submit Interesting links .
Here are some interesting links for you.

Enjoy your stay 🙂 Pages

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Capture One for Students.
Contact Us.
Cultural Heritage.

Cultural Heritage – Book Scanning Tools

Cultural Heritage – Calibration

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Cultural Heritage – Film Scanning Tools.
Cultural Heritage – Film Scanning Tools.

Cultural Heritage – iXG and XF Camera Systems

Cultural Heritage – Lighting.

Digital Transitions Cultural Heritage – Copy Stands

Eizo Monitors.
Hensel Lighting.
Inovativ Carts.
Kaiser Entry Level Copy Stands.
Kaiser Fototechnik .
Kaiser Fototechnik Accessories .
Kaiser Fototechnik Copy Stands .

Kaiser Fototechnik Copy Stands and Repro

Kaiser Fototechnik Light Tables

Kaiser R1 Copy Stand System .
Kaiser Repro Accessories.
Kino Flo.
Phase One.

Phase One – Capture One for Cultural Heritage

Phase One – Certified Pre-Owned

Phase One – Cultural Heritage.

Phase One – IQ4 Infinity Platform

Phase One – XF Camera System.
Phase One – XT Camera System.
Phase One Camera Systems.
Phase One Film Capture Stage.
Rentals and Repairs.
Sample Page.
Superior Seamless Paper.
Tether Tools.
December 2017.
September 2014.

English Change Language

English Change Language.
Posted by on August 31, 2020 If you have Mountains installed on your Google Chrome browser, we strongly recommend that you find a way to remove it.
This extension might seem harmless, but it is completely unpredictable.

And malware researchers warn that it could

potentially, be dangerous to trust.
Given that the extension does not offer useful services, we are sure that most users will have no trouble realizing that they ought to delete Mountains.
Of course, if you think that you need more information about this extension, or if you think that it is somehow useful to you, we advise that you continue reading.
Once you are done, you can decide for yourself whether this threat should be eliminated or kept around.
Before you proceed reading, we advise taking a few moments to scan your operating system because you do not want to overlook other threats that might have slithered in along with the suspicious extension.
If threats are found, you have to make sure that all of them are eliminated.

Click Clear data and then restart your browser

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Enter the numbers in the box to the right Germany I have been involved with computer security ever since I started using computers and surfing the World Wide Web, and I like to think that, over many years, I have gained valuable experience, working with all types of infectious threats, on all kind of infected machines.
My area of expertise is malware, its research and analysis, and I can spend hours investigating latest computer infections, so that PC users would be informed about the latest malicious applications and all sorts of threats that can infiltrate their computers, compromising multiple computer systems.
I have joined AntiSpyware 101 to share my knowledge and provide PC users with latest malware research information and essential system news.

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Pinch to zoom enabled on all devices .
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