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you might have installed the PUP from a different source

VidSearch is a potentially unwanted program

or PUP.
Do you know what that means.
In simple words, that means that the extension is useless and unreliable.
If you have installed this extension already, you might have realized already that it does not search for videos specifically.
In fact, it does not search for anything at all.
It simply redirects search queries to search.yahoo.com.
However, instead of just showing the normal search results, the PUP also modifies them.
If you think that the modification is preformed to include more video-related results, you are mistaken.
Instead, the suspicious extension ads sponsored links.
So, the extension does not offer a useful search service, and then it also modifies the results you are shown via Yahoo Search to show the links of third parties.
This is exactly why we advise deleting this potentially unwanted program.

If you need help deleting VidSearch

continue reading.
How does VidSearch work.

VidSearch is identical to SearchProConverter

MusicStreamSearch, and a bunch of other extensions that are represented via the Chrome Web Store.
You too might have downloaded the suspicious PUP from chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/vidsearch/daflhdlcccfhdmilfjjapjnacnakmndg, but we doubt that you found this installer yourself.
Instead, you might have been introduced to it with the help of persistent or misleading advertising or even aggressive redirecting.
If you were not aware of this installer at all, you might have installed the PUP from a different source.

Do you remember the website that you found the PUP on

Do you remember if other extensions or programs were attached to it.
A legitimate malware scanner can help unveil this, and if other threats are found, they must be deleted.
Do not forget about that.
All in all, whether or not the extension stands on its own, you must pay attention to it, and that should start from the moment you face it.
Before the installation.

According to the description on the Chrome Web Store

the PUP is meant to offer the “best way to search” and provide you with “optimized search results.” This already does not sound good.
Feed.vid-search.com is the search tool that VidSearch uses to replace the default search provider on your Google Chrome browser.
This search tool cannot be trusted because it redirects to Yahoo Search and shows modified results.
The results could be adjusted in a way that might make them extremely attractive.
The thing is that the PUP can access your browsing history and it also uses cookies to see what you click on and what content you interact with.
This information can be shared with undisclosed advertising partners, and that could help them lure you into clicking on completely unreliable links.

We do not claim that all sponsored links shown by VidSearch are malicious

but the risk of facing such links exists, and that is why we advise deleting this potentially unwanted program.
Before you move on, take this time to scan your system.
This will only take a few minutes of your time, but you will know what you need to remove.
How to delete VidSearch VidSearch is the kind of extension that we strongly recommend deleting from the browser, simply because it does not offer anything that useful or authentic.
It promises to help you search the web, but it cannot offer original search results, .

And it simply redirects to Yahoo Search

What’s wrong with the results you end up seeing.
They can be modified to promote the links of unknown third parties.
Due to this, you have to be extremely careful about how you interact with the shown results.
Better yet, do not interact with them at all.
Before you set the desired default search provider that you know you can trust, you must remove VidSearch.
Luckily, it is a simple extension that you should have no trouble deleting manually.
Of course, if other threats are found to exist, perhaps this is the time to employ automated anti-malware software instead.
Considering that it can offer protection too, this is the best option.

Removal Guide Launch Google Chrome
Tap ALT and F keys at the same time

Go to More tools, then Extensions.
Remove the PUP.
Tap CTRL, SHIFT, DELETE keys at the same time.
Click Advanced.
Choose a time range and boxes.
Finally, click Clear data.

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