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Why should you choose a private Cloud?

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Private Cloud.
Dedicate Private Cloud.
Cost-effective extension of your Enterprise infrastructure                               A private cloud is a flexible hybrid solution that includes dedicated servers and infrastructure.
Using the private cloud resources you can create, run and manage your cloud servers with any type of operating systems, in any configuration.
Why should you choose a private Cloud?.
You are the only tenant.
It is perfectly fit for you usage scenario.
Very flexible, supports any type of workload.
Lower cost per virtual machine.
Flexibility to scale up or down.

Monitored and managed by Appnor or by you
Minimum setup for private Cloud

2 x cloud nodes.
1 x SAN storage.
1 x management server.
Minimum private cloud resources.
Processing power: 8GHz.
Memory: 16GB.
Storage: 1TB.
Bandwidth: 10TB.
You can add load balancers, firewalls, replicated storage, lots of computing nodes and whatever else is needed for your perfectly shaped private cloud.
Private clouds are ideal solutions for Enterprise customers with highly customized setups and large workloads.
Since the whole setup is custom, prices vary a lot.

Talk to our Solutions Architect to configure your private cloud at the best possible rate

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For all these things, thank you Appnor.
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