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178 Immersion In Our Games

We actually define immersion, thanks dictionary.
Then we go into what it means for our role-playing game, and some things you can do to be immersed.

Announcements Paladinhood Henry Grady from Heroes & Adventurers

Based out of Nova Scotia, Heroes and Adventurers is a safe and all inclusive recreation program using tabletop roleplaying games to help people develop critical life skills.
Find  them on… Facebook Twitter Random Encounter Voice mail from Stephen Dragonspawn Emails from Blake Ryan, Sky Slayton and Thomas Hook.

Comments from Dave Winn on G+ Other comments on G+ to include Jared Rascher

Matt Martinez and Old School DM.
Die Roll Brett  Tenkar pointed pointed out the fact that Mayfair Games is no more Old Spice D&D Class  Sean    Chris Hoffer posts on ComicBook.com Publisher Releases ‘Game of Thrones’ Style Campaign Compatible with D&D Lord of the Rings pinball made out of Lego.

By Andrew Liszewski on iO9 Are D&D gems based on any sort of real science

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