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Top 10 Health Benefits of Elderberries

You’ve heard of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, but have you heard of elderberries.
There are lots of varieties of elderberries and all are delicious and good for you too.
Tired of the norm and wanting something new.
Find a local elderberry seller near you and enjoy these 10 health benefits.
Packed with antioxidants.
Antioxidants are important for the overall feeling of well being.
Elderberries contain the most effective antioxidants compared to many other antioxidant sources, so these little berries definitely pack a punch.
Packed with vitamins.
In 100 grams of berries, there is 60% of your recommended daily vitamin C intake.         Boosts immune system function.
The high vitamin C content aids in strengthening your immune system, so make sure to stock up during flu season.
May help with headaches.
Some herbalists believe that elderberries are good for natural headache and fever relief.     Good for prenatal health.
Women that are pregnant, or planning on it in the near future should consider adding elderberries to their diet because they have a high folate content.
Folate is extremely important for those experience rapid growth and/or increased energy requirements, both of which are true for pregnant women.
Folate is important because it is a key nutrient needed in order for your body to produce new DNA (or RNA).     Can be used to treat acne.
A study found that elderberries contain a high amount of flavonoids helps to treat acne and other skin conditions, .

Especially those caused by free radicals.         Contain anti-viral properties

The anti-viral properties of elderberries allow them to be an effective remedy against colds and influenza.
They have been said to reduce the discomfort of symptoms associated with influenza.
It can even lessen the duration of colds and influenza.
Packed with fiber.
The large amount of fiber in elderberries is helpful in preventing and treating constipation.     Reduced cholesterol and cardiovascular disease risks.
The high level of fiber that is found in the elderberries has been found to reduce the levels of circulating cholesterol, which is a huge predetermining factor in cardiovascular disease in a study by Phytotherapy Research.
Reduces blood pressure.
The same study by the Phytotherapy Research group also found that elderberries can relax the arterial pressure causing blood pressure to be lowered..



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